Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Mom Snapped

The girls want their old Mom back. I love it!

I had a crazy Mom moment... that kinda lasted all weekend. It was spurred on by a pair of underwear left on the bathroom floor for days. I couldn't even count how many times I asked my sweet little babies to pick up their dirty clothes. Then it happened... SNAP! This snap could be heard all through the house. It was a snap like no other.

SNAP! I had a brilliant idea (Imagine that in an evil villian tone of voice.)

The girls obviously demonstrated that they had too much stuff to take care of - so how did I fix that lil' problema? I took everything out of their room. Yes, I took out all their toys. Yes, I took out all their clothes. Yes, I even took the pictures off of the walls.

I realize that this might be bit extreme but I snapped and I can't go back. They did get some of their clothes back today. Just a few. The rest went to Goodwill. My heart is so giving that I am letting them have opportunities to earn back some of their toys. The rest has gone to Goodwill.

They made a list of their favorite possessions. Owning those items on the list is a privilege and involves caring for them. Every few days they will get the opportunity to earn one back.

Does this sound crazy? What can I say? SNAP The beautiful part is that they seem to appreciate what they have available. They also decided to donate a lot of items to Goodwill that I didn't even suggest. I have noticed that they are using their imagination more often during playtime. The most amazing part... they are playing so well together. At this very moment they are seeing who can make the most disgusting fart sound. See my point? That is great sibling playtime. I am even getting more hugs and kisses... and we have never had a shortage on hugs and kisses in this house.

Oh ya'... when I SNAPPED Gene came in and quietly said that he wanted to help me clear out the room so I didn't just come across as a Mom that has gone crazy. Thanks for having my back Dear. One more Oh ya'... I found this anonymous note on the coffeemaker the afternoon of the dreaded SNAP.


NOBODY said...

Ohhhhhhh GIRL my head is a'spinnin' right now, trying to figure out just how I can pull off a snap.

This is brilliant. I may have to wait a year or two for full efficacy, but I am SO putting this in my arsenal of ideas to be the most optimal fun-squisher.

You have a good husband. And that sign is PRICELESS. Are those question marks at the end? Sort of a decorative implication, "does she even exist?"

Kim said...

love this...and love how Gene 'had your back'!
I also would love to pull this one kids rooms need a overhaul. This might be a good name for an organizing company: Snapped.
Love it. Love you!