Monday, November 12, 2012

Rocking My Baby - Mixed Media Painting

This mixed media painting was a baby shower gift for my friend Stesha.  Her first baby, Evangeline, will be here soon and I wanted to make her something special.  The color palate was a challenge for me.  I usually go bright but knowing that the baby's room is a sophisticated pink and grey, I tried to tame it down a bit.  I was going for soothing but there for a while it looked like I was inspired by Lord of The Rings.  ha ha  I like the end result - a bit make believe but still light and airy.  My favorite part is the moth with angel wings.  Please forgive the awful lighting.  I forgot to take pictures until late afternoon and it was time to wrap the painting for delivery.  These pictures will have to do.

Rocking My Baby

I like to use a thicker canvas so the sides become part of the art.

Such a beautiful poem.  I try to parent with this mantra in mind.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boo! Halloween 2012

Gigi had me paint her face for Halloween.  I really enjoyed painting her face but I missed seeing her in costume.  My girl is growing up.


Prom Queen Zombie - This costume fits Greta perfectly.  She loved it.