Monday, May 14, 2012

The Perfect Bed

This is a VERY serious post...

How many of us put off decorating our bedrooms?  I am always shopping for the perfect duvet cover, curtains, accessories, etc. but it is always delayed.  Something more important comes up or there is someplace that we would rather spend our money.  We are big fans of mini-vacations.

I finally bought a new duvet cover.  For years we have had a summer weight down comforter on our bed for warmer weather... with a blanket thrown over it.  I just couldn't find something I liked until we spotted this Thomas O'Brien duvet set at... Target.  Gotta love Target.

It wasn't the perfect duvet cover but Gene and I both liked this one.  It sorta hollers "I am man!" so I wanted to liven it up and add some more color.   I started looking at throw pillows but remembered that I have feather pillows that I saved.  All they needed were new shams so Gene and I picked out the material.

I used my Mother's Day "alone time" to sew new shams.  I love them and now I have the perfect duvet cover and pillows for our bed.  Yahoo!  I am happy.  I wonder if I will go to bed at a decent time.  Probably not!

(I would show them pictured on our bed but we just got home from a mini-vacation and there are clothes all over the perfect duvet cover.) 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Reunion

 We had a small family reunion near Pacific, MO with my Dad, his sisters, additional family, and some of the cousins.  I was in a beautiful setting and I wish I had taken more pictures of the area.  It's always good to reconnect with family.

Gigi and Gene on the super cool bridge that crossed the far end of the lake.

Gene, Gigi, Ryan, Timothy, and my brother Bill.  They thought I couldn't hear them grumbling about having their picture taken.  ha ha

Bill and his two sons, Timothy and Ryan.  You can't deny the DNA in that group.

Gigi and Greta were playing the ice cold water with their cousin Lauren and Samantha.  I looked like fun... especially since it was unseasonably warm and humid.

My Dad catching up on stories.

This little guy turned out to be a source of great entertainment.  I consider myself lucky that he didn't come home with us in a box poked with air holes.

Track Meet

Gigi qualified to compete in the district track meet. 

She takes her sports seriously and had been talking about the possibility to be in the track meet for over a week.  She was home sick the day the list was posted at school but one of her friends made sure to let her know.

I'm not surprised that she qualified, this kid has a bit of a competitive streak in everything but keeping her room clean. I was surprised that it was in the triple jump (and she won third place).  I had never seen the triple jump before and after watching her compete, I know I will never try it.  ha ha

Here are a few pics if you missed it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sing Praises - mixed media painting

Creating something is a long process for me.  It doesn't matter if it is designing a new bag or a working on a painting.  Most of the work goes on in my head...

Normally I see something that inspires me and it goes from there.  I think about it, sketch, plan, plan some more, look for supplies, think about color, and then if the moon and stars are in line just right, something wonderful is created.  The funny part is that once I get started on the actual creating the painting, bag, gift etc. is usually finished in a day or two. 

Sing Praises - a gift for our piano/voice instructor

 The original sketch.

This little "thank you" painting (it is 5"x5") and has been in production (in my head) for several weeks.  I love it and I hope the girls' piano/voice instructor enjoys it also.