Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Reunion

 We had a small family reunion near Pacific, MO with my Dad, his sisters, additional family, and some of the cousins.  I was in a beautiful setting and I wish I had taken more pictures of the area.  It's always good to reconnect with family.

Gigi and Gene on the super cool bridge that crossed the far end of the lake.

Gene, Gigi, Ryan, Timothy, and my brother Bill.  They thought I couldn't hear them grumbling about having their picture taken.  ha ha

Bill and his two sons, Timothy and Ryan.  You can't deny the DNA in that group.

Gigi and Greta were playing the ice cold water with their cousin Lauren and Samantha.  I looked like fun... especially since it was unseasonably warm and humid.

My Dad catching up on stories.

This little guy turned out to be a source of great entertainment.  I consider myself lucky that he didn't come home with us in a box poked with air holes.