Friday, August 10, 2012

Softball Season

Gigi loves softball and she was a leader on her team this year.  It was a different softball season.  Instead of playing for a few months, her first season at Fort Leonard Wood found her playing on an on-post team with a month long season.  Practices started a week before games began and there were only a few girls who had played softball before.  As a result, her team played with heart but didn't win any games.  The area they did win in was friendship and isn't that the most important part?!?

Coach Nave and Gigi

Gigi's coach put her on second base and she loved it.  She would always play that position if she had a choice.  Lefties normally play first base.  He believed in her and really helped her improve in her fielding and throwing skills.  We also practiced at the batting cage. Gigi can send that ball flying.   Even I am getting in the cage and I have a mean swing (that frequently misses the ball). ha ha

Gigi at try-outs
Gigi missed playing a longer season so she tried out for a VERY competitive traveling team.  After careful consideration we decided, as a family, that due to Gene's travel demands that we couldn't maintain the dedication that was expected to be a member of that particular team.  Gigi was fine with the decision.  She just wants to play ball and have fun and I love her for her ability to be flexible and content on the matter.  It helps relieve some of my guilt over not being a Super Mom.  We are praying for a team that is more in the middle.  If not, then we will still be happy.