Saturday, April 18, 2009

Peas In A Pod

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew that person would be your friend? That you would just "get" one another? That is Greta and Reagan. It is so enjoyable to watch them play together.

Beauty Salon

Step into Greta's beauty salon and be transformed into a sophisticated modern woman who wears a lot of lipstick. When you are finished you can admire yourself, with the owner of the salon, in a whimsical yellow princess mirror. Elizabeth and Greta are wearing A Different Kind of Grape by Clinique.

Celebration Cake and JOY!

"God loves you so much that He makes it a priority to produce a spirit of joy in your life. He has committed Himself to growing joy within you through the supernatural power of His Spirit. He wants to produce a joy so deep in your life that it will transcend any pain, discouragement, and circumstantial problems you have." (Bill Hybles)

That about sums up the reason for the Celebration Cake. We have joy dispite our circimstances. So, back to the basics... we devoured a butter cake with milk chocolate icing. It was the kind of cake that made your stomach hurt if you ate too much... don't ask me how I know this. Our great friends, who are also in the middle of a deployment, shared this evening with us. Collin, Ethan, Greta, and Gigi

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hair Says A Lot


Do you remember Greta's short hair? Now that her hair has started to grow she wants to have it looking fabulous at all times. It is finally getting long enough for a ponytail and french braids. In this picture she has two very fancy french braids. Greta was so proud of this "do".


Gigi is a self proclaimed tomboy. She thinks girls who like boy stuff should be called tomgirls. That makes sense, she is a girl after all. Did you know that tomgirls don't fix their hair and if they do it is only in a plain ponytail?

Gigi has never, and I mean never, liked to have her hair fixed... until now. My neighbors' girls always have the neatest hair styles so I asked her where she got her ideas. She told me to check out It has so many great ideas and guess what? Gigi now loves for me to fix her hair. She has even made the comment that she wants a different hair style everyday. YAHOO! This one is her favorite.

Now a funny story:

I will admit...March was not my best month. One evening, after a stressful day with the girls, we were getting ready for bed. Greta walked into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and boldly stated, "I always thought Mommies were supposed to be nicer than this." My response will probably not be found in a book titled "How To Be The Best Parent You Can Be." I find myself frequently at the same maturity level as a five year old. I said, "I thought little girls were supposed to be better listeners." The battle was on.
I like to describe Greta as spirited. She is gifted in battle and will almost always wear down her opponent. Gigi craves peace. She wants the underdog to feel better. It was obvious on that particular night that Greta had the upper hand so Gigi took my side (before you start thinking "Who's the parent in this story?" please have mercy... I am pooped by the end of the day).
Gigi told Greta to stop because she was hurting my feelings... then the conversation went like this...

Gigi: Mom, I think you are the best Mom ever. You are so nice you could be Jesus' wife.

You might think WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) Well, I have no idea but I do know what Jesus' wife might do... I sat down on the couch and went to my happy place in my mind.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have a friend. Well, I actually have a lot of great friends all over the United States and in various other countries, but the friend I am talking about trumps all other friends. We have been BFFs for 33 years (we met when we were 3 years old - you can do the math). It sounds strange to hear an adult say BFF but that is the way it is.

I grew up in rural MO and my BFF, Kristen, lived about a mile away. That is a 10 minute ride on a bike on a gravel road...that is, as long as Kristen didn't wreck her bike on the way to or from our houses. If she had stock in the Band-Aid company she would be a gazillionaire today.

Kristen and I went to the same elementary school, the same high school (go Tigers) and we were roommates in college. We were the maid of honor in each other's wedding... should I go on. She is always there for me and I am always there for her. She is the sister I never had. Her family is my family and my family is her family. I love her and she loves me.

You can imagine that when your only playmate from three years old, your BFF, your sister, and part of your heart is hurting that you hurt too. Her Dad, Herb, died this week from Pancreatic Cancer. As little girls, we would sit at Herb's feet and he would play his guitar and sing John Denver songs to us. Country roads take me home to the place I belong...

It has brought up a lot of memories of when my Mom died. Do you know who traveled across the United States to be there? You guessed it. My BFF was there to love me. It made a difference.

I have lost a member of my family this week and I am going to go visit my BFF.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post Office and Weather

Okay, there are two things that I don't complain about (and I find myself complaining about everything)... they are the United States Post Office and the weather. I find it amazing that the United States has such a good mail service. We can pretty much count on our mail arriving when it should, in the same condition it started out in, at a reasonable price. Have you ever thought about the ba-zillion possiblities for error during the adventure of an envelope? How does a little piece of paper make it across the country in about three days? For me, about 99% of my mail arrives on time and in good condition. Don't let me get started on my mailman... we love Doug.

Today I drove to the post office in the most miserable never ending cold and wet weather that seems to plague Iowa. I paid $30 to mail a 2 pound box to my husband who is at war (yes, the dramatics help the story). The item was a belated birthday gift that will arrive about a month late (that part is my fault) and the gift costs less than the crazy expense to mail an item that was about 18 inches long. Because the box was a bit longer than ordinary I had to pay the equivilent of mailing a 14lb box. I was owned by the postal system today.

Now, since I have gone against two of my fundamental beliefs let me tell you... I have a cat who has asthma. I love her very much. She has to get steroid shots on a regular basis and I also give her medicine and an inhaler when needed.

Have I redeemed myself?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break = Sisterly Love

This picture, even though it was taken a few years ago, tells the story of the last few rainy days of Spring Break at the Porter house.

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Gigi

I just remembered that I forgot to post Gigi's piano recital picture from before Christmas. For looking so little at that piano she sure can make some BIG noise... uhmm... I mean music. I am just kidding, she has a talent. Gigi loves to play. She plays morning, noon, and night. Seriously, she can't pass by the piano with out playing a tune. Her piano teacher has been on maternity leave and Gigi has played the same songs so many times. I can name almost any song from her book and she can play it from memory. I learned how to play the piano when I was young but I didn't have the drive nor half the ability that she has. I can't wait until she has been playing for a few years.