Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post Office and Weather

Okay, there are two things that I don't complain about (and I find myself complaining about everything)... they are the United States Post Office and the weather. I find it amazing that the United States has such a good mail service. We can pretty much count on our mail arriving when it should, in the same condition it started out in, at a reasonable price. Have you ever thought about the ba-zillion possiblities for error during the adventure of an envelope? How does a little piece of paper make it across the country in about three days? For me, about 99% of my mail arrives on time and in good condition. Don't let me get started on my mailman... we love Doug.

Today I drove to the post office in the most miserable never ending cold and wet weather that seems to plague Iowa. I paid $30 to mail a 2 pound box to my husband who is at war (yes, the dramatics help the story). The item was a belated birthday gift that will arrive about a month late (that part is my fault) and the gift costs less than the crazy expense to mail an item that was about 18 inches long. Because the box was a bit longer than ordinary I had to pay the equivilent of mailing a 14lb box. I was owned by the postal system today.

Now, since I have gone against two of my fundamental beliefs let me tell you... I have a cat who has asthma. I love her very much. She has to get steroid shots on a regular basis and I also give her medicine and an inhaler when needed.

Have I redeemed myself?


Angela said...

You are hilarious.
I lost it with the asthmatic cat.

I always complain about the post office. You gave me a good perspective. It's not so much the service as it is....the kids I usually have to take with me who climb the counters and break the pen chains and block the doors and get yelled at by postal workers and all the hassle...