Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hair Says A Lot


Do you remember Greta's short hair? Now that her hair has started to grow she wants to have it looking fabulous at all times. It is finally getting long enough for a ponytail and french braids. In this picture she has two very fancy french braids. Greta was so proud of this "do".


Gigi is a self proclaimed tomboy. She thinks girls who like boy stuff should be called tomgirls. That makes sense, she is a girl after all. Did you know that tomgirls don't fix their hair and if they do it is only in a plain ponytail?

Gigi has never, and I mean never, liked to have her hair fixed... until now. My neighbors' girls always have the neatest hair styles so I asked her where she got her ideas. She told me to check out It has so many great ideas and guess what? Gigi now loves for me to fix her hair. She has even made the comment that she wants a different hair style everyday. YAHOO! This one is her favorite.

Now a funny story:

I will admit...March was not my best month. One evening, after a stressful day with the girls, we were getting ready for bed. Greta walked into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and boldly stated, "I always thought Mommies were supposed to be nicer than this." My response will probably not be found in a book titled "How To Be The Best Parent You Can Be." I find myself frequently at the same maturity level as a five year old. I said, "I thought little girls were supposed to be better listeners." The battle was on.
I like to describe Greta as spirited. She is gifted in battle and will almost always wear down her opponent. Gigi craves peace. She wants the underdog to feel better. It was obvious on that particular night that Greta had the upper hand so Gigi took my side (before you start thinking "Who's the parent in this story?" please have mercy... I am pooped by the end of the day).
Gigi told Greta to stop because she was hurting my feelings... then the conversation went like this...

Gigi: Mom, I think you are the best Mom ever. You are so nice you could be Jesus' wife.

You might think WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) Well, I have no idea but I do know what Jesus' wife might do... I sat down on the couch and went to my happy place in my mind.