Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How do you carry your Kindle?

I don't have a Kindle but if I did I would absolutely carry mind in one of these cushioned totes.  They are sized to fit a Kindle, or any electronic reader or small iPad, with a sleeve.  My art journal would fit perfectly.  Hmmmm, I may need one for myself.

The bottom carrier is for a boy so of course it needed a drawstring.  I can't decide which one is my favorite but I am leaning towards the pink tote with the grey chevron lining.  Oh ya', I almost forgot... they are also reversible.  Which one is your favorite?




Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Journal Update

My Art Journal suffered during the holidays. I was so far behind but as soon as I finished sewing and painting for Christmas I got right back into my journal. There was a benefit to the procrastination.... I had lots of time to think about the prompts. A few of the pages I love and a couple I don't.

I follow the blog: A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal.  This blog provides art journal suggestions twice a month.  Each suggestion will have The Prompt, The Stuff, and The Technique.  Sometimes I use all three and other times I only use one.  It just depends on what inspires me.  This time around my favorite was the prompt on Christmas Traditions.  I really liked how the page came out.  I think we look like we belong in that bird's nest.  My least favorite was the Thank You prompt.  I didn't feel like there was room to be creative.  I just did it to get it finished.  I even thought about not even posting it but I like the reasons why I am thankful each and every single day.

The Prompt:  Once Upon A Time
The Stuff:  Fairy Tale Story/Character You Relate To
The Technique:  Crown, Apples Etc.

The Prompt:  Bird Is The Word
The Stuff:  yarn, twigs, sticks, feathers, leaves
The Technique:  Doodle yourself as a bird.


The Prompt:  Fall Is In The Air
The Stuff:  What signifies fall to you?
The Technique:  distress the page

The Prompt:  Relax - What do you do to de-stress?
The Stuff:  teabag
The Technique:  some type of spray paint


The Prompt:  Thank You
The Stuff:  Make a list of what you are thankful for.
The Technique:  Use a clean white page and your own handwriting.

The Prompt:  In The Oven
The Stuff:  Share a little thing you love about cooking.
The Technique: drip, splatter or dust

The Prompt:  Tradition
The Stuff:  What is your favorite holiday traditions?
The Technique:  Try a little "tinsel" on your page.