Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chalkboard Menu and Welcome Sign

This one sits on my kitchen counter and is changed weekly. It helps us keep on track and I don't have the "what do we fix tonight" dilemma.

For Independence Day I used my kid's colored chalk and made a flag and the message was "Something to be proud of." Gigi comes home from camp tomorrow. I think it will be a personal message to welcome our girl home.

This project isn't new... I've been using the menu board and had the welcome sign on my front porch for quite some time. One of my craft friends and fellow blogger came by the house and reminded me that I needed to put a picture on my blog.

The metal serving trays came from local junk stores and were less than $3 each. I spray painted them red. You can probably see the wrinkles in the paint. I ignored the recommendations on the paint can... you know, the one that says don't paint in high humidity and only in certain temperatures. When you disregard these tips you get wrinkles... I like to think that they look vintage. I taped off the border and painted them with chalkboard spray paint. I was going to give one away as a gift but I couldn't part with them. I change the welcome sign on a regular basis. Gene and I have fun coming up with things to write.