Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Shirts

The girls and I traditionally make Valentine's Day shirts. This year's shirts look FABULOUS and were the easiest to make!

We used shimmer paint and sponge daubbers from Stampin-up, mailing tape, self-adhesive stencils from Hobby Lobby, left over rhinestones from last year's shirts, and two red pre-washed shirts.

This ink is a new favorite! All I had to do was heat set it with an iron when we were finished. I think we will decorate a pair of jeans next.

The sponge daubbers from Stampin-Up worked great. I did put clear mailing tape around the stencil in case a daubber got away from us. You know, those daubbers have a mind of their own.

It is mistake proof. All you do is dab, dab, and dab some more.

Gigi likes things simple.

Greta is all about the bling.

They are ready for their Valentine's Day parties at school.


MyArmyLife said...

ADORABLE shirts! And way better than any you can find in stores. What a fun thing to do. So glad to see you online ... and follow your blog!! Happy Valentine's Day!