Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Game of Love

Okay, this seems a bit corny, but I really "loved" the idea of this post... make a list of the things that you love about yourself. I guess it is my own personal valentine. So, in the spirit of the season and the fact that I am always my worst critic... here goes

*I love my smile.
*I love it that I am creative and always wanting to try to make new things.
*I love that I have loved being a military wife despite the challenges.
*I love my heart - I want everything in the world to be good and fair and it pains me that it isn't.
*I love that my life focus is my family and their happiness.
*I love that I enjoy serving in so many ways - church, family, and friends.

Okay, not so bad. I hope other friends try this. I would be thrilled to read theirs.