Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time for Bed

How can this sweet little girl make me dread bedtime so much? Since day one she has resisted going to sleep. We have tried so many different approaches, read books, googled the topic, and NO LUCK.
We have little ice cubes for imaginary boo-boos; scary spray (air freshener) to keep monsters away; the closet door is always closed; cool wash clothes for sore eyeballs; special sleepy-time lavender lotions for dry skin; more special lotion for itchy skin; a cat to sleep with; night-night music; and a perfectly executed bedtime routine.
Tonight she was crying hysterically in her bed because she was mad at me. She didn't know what I had done but she knew it was something mean.

Why does that make me smile? Maybe she knows something I don't know yet.