Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Cold Season

Has anyone else had a cold that won't go away? Mine loves me. I was just starting to get better when Vicki, my MIL, came to visit this week. She brought a gift... a cold just for me. I honestly can't blame her for the resurgence of my winter cold. It could be my same friend who came back because I am staying up late and doing too much. Or, it could be a brand new strain of congestion, pounding headaches, and tiredness. Who really knows. All I know is that my head is going to split open after my eyeballs pop out from all the sinus pressure. How's that for a mental image - my apologies.

Gene took his Mom out to lunch today. The plan was for them to have some fun while I nap. Gene had sweetly tucked my back into bed and kissed me goodbye for the afternoon.

Am I napping? Nope. I am on the couch with three blankets piled on me, and a bowl of popcorn. Instead of getting the much needed nap, I have decided to watch MTV True Life, read blogs, and read my book all at the same time.

I wonder why I can't get well.