Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My husband makes the coffee!

I hear this frequently from my fellow coffee drinking military wife friends... my husband makes the coffee.  Gene makes the coffee in my house.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I will stay in bed yelling out "Is the coffee ready yet?!?!"  I mean, why get up if the coffee isn't ready?

I think there are two main reasons why Gene makes the coffee... he gets up first.  I love, love, love the time I have alone in the bed right after he gets up.  It is warm and cozy and I normally scoot over to his spot.  For some reason, it just feels better.  There is also this reason... I make a pretty crappy pot of coffee.  I just can't get it right.  It is always too weak or way too strong.  (and I mean glug-glug slide out of the coffee maker like slime strong) Gene makes strong coffee but over the years I have learned to enjoy his cup of joe... with lots of creamer.

Gene travels a lot for his job.  When he travels he will usually make a pot of coffee (or if he has to leave super early, I have to make my own pot of coffee - YIKES!) and I drink from that pot until he comes home.  When he was deployed I would frequently make a huge strong pot of coffee on Monday and microwave a cup everyday until it ran out.  After day five you really only need half a cup because some type of molecular change has occurred and that stuff is straight caffeine.  During the last deployment I would stop by my friend's house after I dropped off the girls at school and drink her coffee (some mornings I still had on my pajamas).  I wonder if she ever pretended not to be home?

So now I have to issue a formal apology to Gene.  Here it goes: "Gene I am sorry for scoffing, belittling, and doubting your purchase of the odd little one cup old fashioned coffee maker ceramic mug thingy."  This thing is great!  While Gene is living it up on work trips I can now enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every single morning.  Thanks Geno!!