Monday, January 30, 2012

Fabric Basket and Crayon Bag

I found on Pinterest a tutorial on fabric baskets and had to try it.  During Christmas time Gigi picked out some material for pajamas and I bought enough to make them... if she were four years old.  So, I have been using that material for "gotta try it" type of projects.

The fabric basket was easy to make but not sturdy enough.  I even used craft weight fusible interfacing on the outside and inside material.  Next time I will put something in the bottom to make it even more firm... maybe a discarded plastic folder cut to fit in between the layers.

Do you have any idea how much noise a plastic bag filled with crayons can make during prayer time at church?!?!  So embarrassing.  Now imagine how much noise it can make when two little girls are racing to grab the same color of crayon.  I can't stop them from wanting the same color but I can make a quieter bag.  The pink zebra material is what Greta picked for her Christmas pajamas, which I didn't buy enough to make them (just like the material I used for Gigi's fabric basket). 

Greta was home sick from school.  She was on day two and almost fully recovered.  You know, too sick to go to school but not sick enough to stay in bed  (she has stickers on her cheeks).