Thursday, January 19, 2012

Co-ed basketball and a brave girl.

Meet "chicken little".  Before Gigi tries anything new she weighs the pros and cons.  What is at risk in the situation?  The kid frequently worries and what ifs  her way through life.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to gently or not so gently push this little chic out of the nest.  We joke that Gigi will have a fantastic career in risk management.  She can identify the possible risk in the mundane everyday stuff - she claims that she will never drive a car because there are too many risks involved.  This attitude has it benefits too.  I never had to worry about her wandering away from me in the grocery store when she was little.  *smiling and remembering those sweet days*

Then I take a moment and look at pictures like these and realize that Gigi is brave.  She doesn't worry about many of the things her peers worry about.  She's not worried about being the most popular.  She doesn't worry about her hair or her clothes (although I wish she would have a bit more concern about wearing deodorant - ha ha).


She has to be brave.  We are a military family so we move and start all over every few years.  Now that takes courage.

Co-ed basketball wasn't her first choice.  Where are all the 5th grade girls who play sports?  There is a big difference in a group of 5th grade to 7th grade boys and girls.  The boys are starting to get much more physical.  One of her teammates is a good 12-18 inches taller than everyone else.  He dominates the court.

Gigi doesn't give up.  She is a defensive force to be reckoned with and will guard the bigger kids without thinking twice.  She hustles up and down the court... no walking for this kid.  She doesn't complain about a bigger boy pushing her around on the court.  She pushes back.  When it comes to shooting the basket, she is still timid and doubts her skills.  Hopefully, that will come along as the season progresses.  If it doesn't, that's okay.  I am proud of her for being brave and getting out there and playing her best.  That's all we ask.