Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding A New Church #2

We were invited to try a new church this past Sunday. Boy, did it bring back a lot of memories of when I was young. My family went to a very traditional church when I was little. I won't bore you with all the details but it ended in a public hell fire and damnation humiliation during the sermon and my family said adios. My five year old self cleary remembers that the pastor's son was always Joseph in the Christmas play. Joseph was always bawling through the play because the pastor belived in corporal punishment. I wonder how "Joseph" is doing today?

I'm not going to say the name nor the denomination of where we attended because I didn't love it and I really believe that everyone should have their place without judgement. With that said... we attended a very traditional service. All the little girls were in fancy dresses and looked just divine. I am relieved that for once I had the girls wear sundresses instead of their shorts and t-shirts which we normally wear. I was one of the only women in pants. Every one else had on beautiful outfits. Wearing pants to church is something I always do because I don't own a skirt or a dress. I am just not comfortable in them. Normally it doesn't bother me to be the only girl in pants because I am attending a church service as a guest and the other members know me and like me for me. We didn't know anyone here except for one family so we just felt wrong - like big fat sinners who didn't fit in. It just so happens that my "Sunday Best" is a pair of black capris. I was adorned with my "sacrificing a virgin on top of a mountain" necklace. That's what Gene called it when he first saw it. It is big, silver, and geometric and probably saved my outfit. Gene wore his very best pair of shorts. Not even the little boys were in shorts. I really got a kick out of that one. Gene always says that it is a little known fact that he was born naked so God doesn't care what he wears. Whatever.

The sermon was way over my head. I did appreciate the fact that it was Bible based. Most of the sermon involved skipping around to different verses in the Bible... if you brought one, which we didn't. I like my sermons at a fourth grade level just like my novels. However, there was one part of the sermon that got my attention and that I clearly understood. The pastor preached to his flock that being a Christian makes you superior over every one else on the planet and if you are of that particular denomination then you are even more superior. I was surprised he didn't put on a super hero cape at that point. Now, I am a bit of a liberal tree hugger and my God is a God of love not petty judgement so that claim didn't sit well with me. I choose to be a Christian and believe in Jesus but I am not fully clear on where that leaves the rest of the folk in this world and I don't think I am supposed to know. I'll leave that up to God.

There were a couple of great things about this church. Number one was that the chairs were wide and cushy. My butt is wide and cushy so I need a wide and cushy seat. I really appreciate that luxury. No more trying to scoot my chair away from the person next to me so I am not hogging part of their seat. If I wanted the experience of sitting in an airplane seat then I would buy a ticket. Second notable experience, we crashed the after church potluck. YUMMO! I like a potluck. Unfortunately, we didn't stay for the next sermon that was after lunch.

I am thankful to Gene's friend for inviting us. His face lit up when he saw us come in (late). It was touching to watch his older son interact with his little sister. God is working in that family and I am glad that they found the church that works for them.