Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finding a New Church

Oh, fellow military families... I wonder how you go about finding a church every time you move? We usually pick out a few and go once or twice and then decide from there. I have worked for a church before and I know that the "powers that be" (that's a joke, get it?) put a lot of thought into attracting people to their church. A select group of very outgoing folks meet once a month or once a quarter to decide how to best greet new comers.
Wow! We were really greeted today at Waynesville United Methodist Church. Those people are ALIVE and lively. We took a few steps into the parlor and a perky young lady with Red Bull racing through her veins greeted us with a very firm handshake (she probably runs marathons and benches 400 lbs). I like to sneak in and quietly go to my seat... no handshakes, no loud good mornings, none of that. A free doughnut is much appreciated and will probably get me and my family to return. I was scared. I grew up in a Methodist church and share the joke of "the frozen chosen." I have never been to a rowdy Methodist service... until this morning.
However, we don't always go to a Methodist church. We believe in equal opportunity. We look for the church home that is comfortable. I look for someplace with a pastor who is funny in a sarcastic dry humor sort of way. I get distracted easily... there are so many different hairstyles to see and purses to covet. I need a place that I leave with the message clearly in my mind. I need something to think about for the week.
I wasn't comfortable this morning. I mean really, who lets you have Hawaiian Punch in the sanctuary? Don't they know that stains the carpet? Who is doing cheers with the pastor in the a.m.? We sang a song about pulling the devil out a little black box and bashing in his face. Yes, you read that right!!! I was slightly confused but I also felt appreciative. Kudos to the pastor - way to step out of the box.
By the time the service was over I was thinking... maybe I need to "wake up" a bit more. I know I haven't found my energy since we moved. This might be the place for us... especially since I can't move our old church to me. I loved our old church! Now is time for change and letting go. I might not have fully understood the message from the pastor (I was distracted by one lady about four pews up. She had amazing hair. I wonder where she gets it cut.) but I did get a message... I need to wake up and make some changes. I need to be alive.


Angela said...

So, Satan's kinda like Pandora, but you get to bash him in the face, if you open the black box he's in? I think that alone is worthy of a return visit. And just ask the Red Bull lady what her dosage is---you could try it.

Elizabeth said...

oh how you make me laugh...

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Maybe you should try coffee IVs :-)

I know it must be tough to find a new church home...We'll be looking forward to hearing that you're settled!