Thursday, August 25, 2011

He's a player!

See that sad face?

Friday is a player and I don't mean that he runs the neighborhood chasin' down all the uhhmm... beautiful strong independent female dogs. (Hey, what did you think I was going to say? This is a pg rated post!) Nope, he loves to play fetch with his tennis ball... or volleyball... or softball... or soccer ball... but his tennis ball is his favorite.

He was playing fetch and skidded in the wet grass so hard that he RIPPED the upper pad that is on his "wrist" (for lack of a better word) partially off! OUCH!!! After a consultation with our vet, I learned that it is torn in such a way that it can't be stitched together. So his private nurse, that would me, gets to flush it and bandage it twice a day along with a giving him a round of antibiotics. No biggie, I used to give my Poppy Cat a dose from her inhaler when she would have an asthma attack. I also gave oral antibiotics to a dying hamster for two weeks until Creamsicle met his maker.
Friday will be on the bench/in the dugout for at least a week. (That's right!!!!! I made another player joke)


Elizabeth said...

takes a playa to know a! He is such a beautiful dog!