Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Bug

The family party with Papa Bill. Greta chose the menu of watermelon, mini corn dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Make a wish!

Gotta love the rainbow cake...and yes, I know I messed up the color order but the cake was delish!

I hope your dreams come true this year. Greta and her guests enjoyed pink lemonade cupcakes.
What a great bunch of girls.

Greta turned eight this past weekend. It was a bitter sweet birthday because we had just moved a few weeks earlier and she was missing her friends. Luckily, we have great neighbors with wonderful accepting kids. We had only been in the neighborhood for a few days and the kids were playing together like they have been together for years.
Normally we don't host big sleepovers. Greta gets overwhelmed by the large numbers and all the chaos and noise (as does her Mom). However, that is how she wanted to celebrate this year so all the neighborhood girls in her age group were invited over. It was fun. They laughed. They made jewelry. They laughed some more. They ate lots of yummy snacks. Then everyone piled into Greta's room for bedtime... which came much later.
I hope she loved her birthday. She didn't pick a theme, which the girls normally do, all she wanted was a rainbow cake with green frosting. Simple enough for me.
This year will be filled with challenges... a new place, a new neighborhood, a new school, a new church, and new friends. I remember my eighth year. It was a moment in my life were I was starting to notice myself and was sensitive to how people responded to me. I can see this beginning in Greta. She is a sensitive child who notices all the details. I pray that this year she focuses on the beauty in herself and others.