Saturday, September 3, 2011

Art Journal Catch Up

 Prompt:  Control
Song Only Girl
Technique:  Lipstick

 Prompt:  What's the Deal?
Song:  Running Up That Hill
Technique:  Playing Cards

 Prompt:  Vertigo
The Song:  Right Round
Technique:  Circles

 Prompt:  Really?!
The Song:  Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Technique:  Speech Bubbles

The Prompt:  Love
The Song:  Not Broken by The Goo goo Dolls
Technique:  Silhouettes

Prompt:  Promises
The Song:  Run Devil Run by Kesha
Technique:  The poison symbol

Prompt:  Broken
The Song:  Mama's Arms
Technique:  Kisses

Sometimes I get lazy and let my creativity fall to the wayside.  A Year In The Life of an Art Journal helps keep me on my toes.  It provides art journal assignments twice a month.  They include a prompt, a song, and a technique to help inspire the picture.  You can use one or all three and interpret them any way you like.  I like doing mixed media art so most of my pages are made with craft paint, watercolor paint, paper, pictures, sharpies and anything else I can find in my art box.  I'll paint with a brush, my fingers, q-tips, cardboard, bubble wrap, etc. Nothing I ever make is very precise, just a lot of confusing layers.  I recently purchased some water-based inks so I am looking forward to making a mess with them.

The move put me so far behind... almost two - three months behind. I have more free time living in a small town so I finally caught up.  Here are a few of them.  Some I just couldn't  to post because, well, they were ugly and you may want to poke your eyes out if you see them I didn't like them.  The pics that I am posting are mostly fun but all are  personal.  That's what an art journal is all about... expression.