Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding a New Church #3

This isn't the church but this makes me chuckle.

We may have found the one!  The girls went to children's church... and loved it.   At first we had that quiet "whispering/yelling" argument with Gigi outside of her classroom door.  She refused (arms crossed and feet planted) to go into her room because last weeks adventure was such a bad experience for her.  After a not so gentle nudge she went in and plopped down in the first empty chair - refusing to sit beside the girls who were getting a chair for her.  At the end of service I peeked in on her and she was having a great time. 

We went to the contemporary service... in our pants. (better than going without pants ;)and sat on little folding chairs in a gym. Yes, my behind was creeping over onto Gene's chair.  It was almost like we snuggled through service.  The worship music was familiar and had a nice sound.  I found myself rocking a bit while I was singing. 

The message was lively and easy to understand.  The pastor did kinda beat his message into the ground but I can look past that.  However, if he hadn't repeated his point over and over I wouldn't have walked out of there knowing what he was trying to say and most importantly, I wouldn't have spotted this lady that dressed so COOL!  I love the slightly bohemian layered look.  My friend Kim does it effortlessly.  It says to me that the person who chose those clothes is creative and pays attention to the little beautiful details in life.  Yes, I want to look like Kim.  I want to notice the beautiful details in life.

I think we will be going back for another visit... after we try church #1 one more time.