Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures at Ft. Lost In The Woods

It's chilly and rainy today, my chores are finished, and I am working on a painting but a layer needs to dry so it is the perfect time to share some of our adventures at Ft. Leonard Wood.  Over the past couple of weeks we explored the Big Piney River and Miller Cave. ( I need a distraction since it is raining and our dog was sprayed by a skunk last night.  Nothing smells better than a wet skunky dog.)

Gene and the girls swam in the Big Piney River while I took pictures and ran from horse flies!  I think Gigi must be swatting at one in this picture.

 Gigi found a little fishing net that someone left behind.  She was determined to catch some of the tiny fish nibbling on her toes.

 Greta spent most of her time swimming up stream and them floating back down.  Just like that girl... going against the current.

On another Sunday we all hiked to Miller Cave.  I am not a fan of caves but this one was amazing.  It boggles my mind that American Indians used to climb up and down the bluff and live in these caves.  They didn't even have any safety rails or warning signs!

Hazardous Cliff!! Don't go beyond the danger sign. Gene scoffs at danger.

 The picture below is the opening in the cave that you climb through to get to the large open area of the cave that over looks the bluff.

After you climb through the opening the cave opens up to this beautiful view.

Gigi found a snake skin in the cave.  We had to tell her over and over that she couldn't bring it home.

Nature is incredible.  Just look at how this tree grew out of the cave to reach the sunlight.  Now that's how you make lemonade when life gives you lemons.