Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art Journal update

It has been a few months since I have done an art journal update.  I follow the blog A Year In The Life of an Art Journal, which provides prompts twice a month.  This year has been more challenging for me.  The style and approach is different - last year the prompts were based on songs but this year is seems to be more photo based.  I find myself doing less free drawing/painting and more collage/mixed media.  I love mixed media but it is a challenge to get my "thoughts" on the page.  I suppose that is the point of the prompts and why I make this journal a regular part of my art homework.

The Prompt:  word
The Stuff:  imagery
The Technique:  paint/doodle

The Prompt:  Imagine
The Stuff:  Pictures or words from magazines
The Technique:  mask/stencils

The Prompt:  My favorite things
The Stuff:  lists and ephemera
The technique:  pockets
The background is from a Valentine's Day picture Gene colored for me.

The Prompt:  childhood memories
The Stuff:  glimmer mist and paint
The Technique:  silhouettes

This was a just for fun page.  I had extra red and yellow paint and cleaned my brushes on the background so I wouldn't be wasting.  I really like the combination of textures with the paint, the chalk pastels, and vintage sheet music.

The Prompt:  These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things
The Stuff:  list favorite things
The Technique:  brown paper

 The Spring Tree is one of my favorite pictures.  It has special meaning because the prompt was Greta.  She brought home a sketch of a tree just starting to bud and asked me to incorporate it into my art journal.  The tree, branches, and bird are exactly as Greta made the picture - in fact, it is the picture.  I sewed material and painted directly on the picture and then adhered it to my art journal.

The Prompt:  everyday
The Stuff:  receipts, newspaper, headlines, clothing tags, photos of your day
The Technique:  journaling