Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Joy 2012

Easter 2012  was a blessing.  

We dyed eggs and no one knocked over a cup of egg dye.  I call that a successful egg dying experience.

 I think Gigi is begging me for one of my eggs.  No way!  I love dying Easter eggs and if I had the peace and quiet I could probably give Martha a run for her money.

 Gene had surgery on Good Friday and everything went fine but he was not feeling well enough to travel. Instead, we spent Easter afternoon with some fabulous military families.  It was perfect to walk across the street and share this important day with our friends. Isn't that how so many military families spend their holidays... with friends who feel like family?  We did miss church on Sunday because Gene was still on painkillers, nodding off at odd times, and we didn't want his arm to get bumped.  Anyhoo, isn't there some rule about not going to church while on drugs?  ha ha

The Easter egg hunt was very impressive.  Each family brought a couple dozen eggs so there was plenty for each child.  Sadly, Gigi ate almost all her chocolate before I got to raid her basket.

 Gigi and her buddy Max.  They play together everyday.

 Greta loves Izzie.  I can pretty much get Greta to do anything as long as I end the sentence with "Izzie does it."

Jesus' resurrection wasn't the only miracle.  The afternoon was so perfect that even sisters got along and shared some love.