Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here is the first page of my art journal. The prompt word for the first two weeks of January was "vision". I really enjoyed getting out my Sharpies and water color pencils after the girls went to bed. Several weeks ago during a sermon at church the youth pastor made the comment about Being Extraordinary in Love... it stuck and I think about daily. I decided to make it my mantra for 2011.

I struggled in my head for several days - to share or not to share. An art journal is so personal and quick - the outcome is uncertain. It is the process that is the focus for me. The final results are important also but it is really what I get out of the journaling... the development of my creativty, the therapeutic side of the personal exploration of a word, and how I translate that word into the picture.

I decided to share my journal pages because I believe it will help me get over the "what if someone doesn't like it" anxiety. Maybe it will be more like... hey, that person left a great comment. If I get a negative comment - DELETE.

Hey, it's my vision!


Elizabeth said...

I am so jealous of your talent! I need you to do something for me...so when you get famous I'll have an original.