Thursday, December 30, 2010

Art Journals

Current Book: Artful Journals by Janet Takahashi

this beautiful journal was found on etsy - but I am sorry, I don't remember the artist's name

My current obsession is art journaling. I have decided to start taking my creative self to the next level. It is a big part of my life that gives me joy. So why haven't I embraced it more fully? I know why... when I make something I put myself on the line for criticism. What if they don't like it? which translates to What if they don't like me? I've got to grow up and just get over it.
How do I go about doing that? I am starting a year long project of art journaling. A Year in the Life of an Art Journal provides twice monthly prompts to help get your creative neurons firing. The first prompt is "vision."
What is my vision for the year?
I have also been pouring over Artful Journals by Janet Takahashi. I have been wanting to make my own mixed-media art journal for several weeks but I didn't know how to correctly make one. This book gives you step-by-step instructions and definitions of the technical language. Did you know that the middle section of a journal is called the signature?
My creative light bulb is on bright.
Normally, I use a little notebook to make notes about the day, keep track of information, and keep my "to do" list. Why don't I make my own journal?
I had been thinking about my journal and I knew I wanted it to be made of recycled repurposed paper; however, I didn't know where I would find enough paper that was interesting enough to make the cut. I know now... I am going to use all those beautiful pictures that my girls draw for me. You know the ones... they are so creative but you can be gifted 5-6 a day and you can't keep them all.
This meager little journal will be a great keepsake as well as a daily record of this time in our lives.
The girls better get to creating! I have a big "to do" list waiting for a journal.


rychelle said...

i have a book about making journals that I will give you! It is awesome! I will get it to you soon.

heather said...

sherry, you commented on my blog awhile back about how you might come to korea! Is it something that could happen soon. What base would you be at? You would love it here!

Sherry said...

Rychelle - I would love to see the book. Thanks.

Heather - We didn't get Korea... Ft. Leonard Wood will be home soon.

stephanie levy said...

gorgeous journals I hope you will enjoy yours in 2011 - what a nice Idea for saving your girls' drawings :)