Friday, January 28, 2011

Birdhouses and Kittens

I have been plagued with this personal issue for years... about 15 years to be exact. That is when I became a Big Girl. Growing up I always struggled with and managed to avoid the Big Girl status and was just a little bigger than most of my friends. My first move with the Army and the stress of working full time and going to graduate school ended that fight.

Now I am a beautiful, creative, and funny Big Girl (who feels little a lot of the time - but not physically). Oh ya' I also want to set the record straight that I am also a hard worker and clean. Larger folks often get the stereo type that we are lazy and stinky. I admit... on occasion I do stay in my pj's and don't shower for a day but I promise that I don't even go to Casey's to get a Diet Coke. I stay home with the curtains closed just like I should.

I am not on a rant about how the world should change to fit me. I'm not complaining about how small airplane seats are... in fact I would love to be small enough to fit comfortably in an airplane seat or not spill over onto Gene's folding chair at church. He thinks I just want to be close to him but the truth is that those darn chairs are too small and I would rather snuggle with him than with the total stranger beside me.

What is this post about? (you might be asking this question if you actually made it this far) It is about clothing. Clothing that is either BRIGHT obscene colors or has some sort of cute baby animal on the front. Oh wait, I almost forgot about the fact (I could probably prove it in court) that a lot of Big Girl clothes showcase a delightful Looney Tunes character as the latest and most current style. For some reason I occasionally get a Victoria Secrets catalog in the mail... how in the H.E. double hockey sticks did I get on their mailer? Maybe that is a question I should save for Gene.

Anyhoo - Fossil was kind enough to send me one of their catalogs. I poured over the styles. It is that beautiful vintage, classy, grunge look. I loved them all... until... I noticed that NOTHING came even close to my size. Hold on, that is a lie. The handbags and scarves would probably fit. My neighbor gets this clothing catalog called Downeast that has lovely clothes in it. I normally lift if from her house and hide it in my sewing room. I can sew. So, I try to alter some of my clothes or mimic the styles. What about my Big Girl sisters out there who can't sew? Where do they get cool clothes? I am telling you, there is a gigantic market out there that hasn't been tapped. How about Lane Bryant open up a creative vintage grungy sister store? It could be called Back Alley Bryant .

I am going to express my personal angst of not having access to cool clothes on my next art journal page. But this is what I want to say... Big Girls Do Cry!!!... and we are crying out for some cool clothes!


Becky said...

I know that everyone has their struggles and challenges in this life, but man, this one is rough!
I read this and I found myself laughing out loud about the obnoxious prints and looney tunes. AMEN!!!
I always find myself search through the racks for something vintage, grungy, and cool but rarely find it.
I am crying with you, beautiful lady!
PS You always look great! Even shoveling snow!

rychelle said...

Target has some cute stuff...and some "frumpy" stuff too...