Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where to go?

Seoul, Korea

Vicenza, Italy

Huntsville, Alabama

Honolulu, Hawaii

It is finally November!
Why do you think I am so excited about November? It's not the turkey or the pumpkin pie. It's not the falling leaves and crisp sunny days, although I really enjoy this weather. This is the month that the Army is supposed to send us our options for our next PCS.

There will be so many. I had no idea there would be so many. Gene informed me today that there will 200 or so "opportunities". Many of those jobs aren't appropriate for Gene and others are places that we don't want to live. But there will be enough to be excited about. I have zero desire to live at Ft. Bragg or Ft. Hood. Those are GIANT military posts. I want to live someplace where military people normally don't live. How about a place we would like to go for a vacation but could never afford to go... a place we haven't been... a place where we can dream. I want an adventure. We want an adventure... a safe adventure that might involve another country. But then again, Iowa has been an adventure that we have truly enjoyed.
Home is where the Army send us.

Gene has to rate all 200 or so choices and then we wait, and wait, and wait until January. Then we find out our fate. The Army may or may not consider what we rank as number one. We may end out with number 199. It is all a gamble. Either way, we will move some place new and make it an adventure. I just can't wait to see what's out there waiting for us.


rychelle said...

hawaii or can get TONS os cheap fabric in Korea!!