Friday, June 11, 2010

Promises and the oil

While we were at the Arch I stumbled across this statement from Red Cloud. It just touched my heart. It made me think about how beautiful and respected North America was during the times of the American Indians. How do we take care of the land that our great grandchildren will rely upon? Do we respect it? Do we care? Is it too much work to take the couple of minutes to recycle more or think about what we throw in the trash?
Gene made the comment that most people probably don't really care about the BP oil spill that is destroying so much land and sea life because it doesn't directly effect us here in middle America. Don't get me wrong... I know everyone would agree that it is a terrible thing. There have been so many blunders. I think about it on a daily basis but Gene's comment is true... it isn't effecting me in my day to day life... yet. What more can I do to make a small difference so my children and my grandchildren aren't the ones paying the price?
I pray for wisdom for the decision makers involved and the hope that something positive will come from this tragedy.