Friday, June 18, 2010

Kudos to the Military Spouse Magazine

This month's issue of Military Spouse has some wonderful articles... and a special page that features ETSY products. I always have some skepticism when I pick up the current issue. The magazine is supposed to represent the average military spouse but like most magazines out there... the items recommended for purchase are way too expensive, the clothes aren't made in my size, and the models could not have possibly had children because they have an unbelievably flat stomachs and perky... uhm... attitudes.
This issue has the Military Spouse of the Year on the front. She looks like someone I would want as my friend. There is an article about moms who take road trips with their kids while there husbands are TDY or deployed. Trust me, that is AMAZING! And I must have the fingerprint necklace (even if I have to save up for it). I think I'd rather have fingerprints of my kids but the idea of having one of your spouse is sweet.
Good job Military Spouse. Two thumbs up... this month.