Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Let me translate a few of my faves from Greta's card:
My Mom is CRAFTY.
My Mom's favorite color is RED.
My Mom weighs 30.
My Mom does not like YELLING.
My Mom's favorite thing to do is PLANT.
I can help my Mom by BE COM (calm).

Gigi has it right... food is love in our house.

Mother's Day has had a lot of mixed feelings for me the past four or five years for two reasons. I really miss my Mom and I wish she was here to see the girls grow-up. This always makes me a bit more emotional on this special day. Second, Gene has been deployed or away on TDY the past four or five years and has missed spending the day with us. The girls always do their best to make Mother's Day special, even if Gene is away, but Mother's Day isn't just a day for Moms... it is a day for families.

Having my three favorite Gs with me on Sunday made my day perfect. I was showered with gifts, cards, and patience from three people who love me. Why would I mention patience? Because all three let me drag them to my vegetable garden, the garden store, and then to another store for even more plants. The girls and I are going to have our very own little flower garden in the back. They picked out a couple of flats of flowers for us to grow together.

But my favorite gifts were the homemade cards. My grandpa always said that homemade gifts were the best gifts to receive. He knew what he was talking about.