Friday, May 14, 2010

Missing My Army Friends

I have more great friends in my life than I deserve but today I am missing one in particular.

I have a thing for friends with red hair. It is something about the personality that accompanies that beautiful shade of red.

In Georgia it was Tanna. She is a riot. There were months when her auburn hair had streaks of pink... uhm I mean strawberry blond. That girl isn't afraid of experimenting with the Clairol. In Kansas there was Rebecca. Our daughters were BFFs. I love Rebecca... she feels the ups and downs of life to the fullest. In Iowa it was Elizabeth. I learned a lot about standing up for yourself and determination from her. I also learned that I needed more quality in my life - especially in the shoe dept.
The best part is that they all "got" my quirky personality. I have moments of dark "no she didn't" humor. They still laughed no matter how inappropriate and came back for more.

The Army separates us but it also gives us opportunities to make these fabulous friends. So here is a big THANK YOU to the Army and to every one of my fabulous friends, all shades of red, blond, and brunette.


mycurlyhairdays said...

Beautiful woman! What an awesome post! It is wonderful to have such amazing friends and so hard to say good-bye!