Monday, May 24, 2010

Girl Scout Leader Gift

My last post of the day has to be a craft. I have been busy crafting but the end results just haven't been making it to my blog. I am a slacker. However, when I made this gift for Greta's Daisy Girl Scout leader Gene said that I needed to post it.

It is so simple! I picked up a Gerber Daisy at the local home store. I thought the Daisy was so appropriate since it is for a Daisy Leader. I covered the plastic container with cute paper and tied a ribbon around it. I thought about buying a pot and replanting the flower but I didn't want to kill the flower. A dead flower does not make a great gift. Plus, I think flower pots are personal - you never know what someone will like.

To make the "jewelry" I cut lengths of beading wire about 12 inches long and twisted one end. I had some chip board shapes of flowers and dots from a Scrapaganza yard sale. So, I punched a hole in each one and wrote the names of the girls in the troop and the leaders. I put them on the wire and twisted again. Then they went in the flower pot. Simple as that.

I would have loved to receive this as a thank you.