Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday is a Fun Day

Our fantastic day began early with a little b-ball.

Gigi is going for the fast break!

Way to guard your opponent Greta.

We had a great time at the Freight House Farmer's Market. That soap that Greta is eyeballing has little plastic animals molded inside of it.

Can you believe that those giant cookies were the samples? YUM!

One of the vendors at the Farmer's Market clued us into a bald eagle that hung out in this tree by the river. It was so used to people that you could walk right up to the tree and get an up close look. They are amazing birds.

WE had a great time at Jordan's birthday party. I hope she liked the pillow we made for her.

Then it was off to church. The sermon was about using every precious second during the day in such a way that pleases God. The part that struck me was from Deuteronomy 8:6-9 and being deliberate about preparing the future. Do I share God's grace and love with my children like I should? I could do much better.

Then we had a delicious dinner at Biaggi's. I have a new favorite - the chicken chop salad. After that, we ended the evening with a trip to Maggie Moos. I love the Red Velvet Cake Fresh Escape. Gigi had cheesecake ice cream with brownies and cookie dough. She named it The Bakery. Greta had grape bubblegum ice cream with snow caps and white chocolate chips. Gene was well behaved and just watched us devour ours!
What a blessing this day has been.