Monday, January 11, 2010

Destination Destin

Coats and gloves on but still having fun

Makes me want a Starbucks

Looking at a seashell

Amazingly clear water

I love those three people.

With Gene home this Christmas we wanted to take a family vacation. In fact, we plan on traveling more this year... making more family memories that will last during the times we are apart.

After a relaxing Christmas at home we took a trip to Destin Florida. It is beautiful and normally warm. This year they had unusually cold weather but we still enjoyed the blue water and white sands... in our coats and gloves. It was 40 degrees cold and windy but it was 10 degrees cold and colder at home so our glass was half full. Did I mention that Gene and I had a stomach bug and our flight was messed up? Who cares... we were on vacation making memories.