Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome Home

Gene has been home for about three or four weeks now. The year that Gene was in Iraq and Afghanistan was tough on us all. As with the other deployemnts, I learned to treasure the little things like phone calls, e-mail, and getting to see the girls smile and have fun knowing that Gene was missing out and missing us.
It is hard to explain the emotions when your soldier is coming home. A year is a long time. In fact, just posting this makes me tear up and my stomach hurts a little bit. There is a bumpy adustment time for us. We have to learn to live together as a family again. The girls are doing and saying things that Gene doesn't recognize. I don't store the pots and pans in the same place.
Now, life is getting back to normal. The pictures of the redeployment really show how happy the girls were to see Gene. I especially love the one of them trying to carry his backpack so they could get him home.
Oh ya' the passengers and their families at the airport were so kind. This was the first time we didn't have a huge redeployment ceremony to experience. It was just us. Gene received many thanks for his service and the nice lady who took our family picture was so sweet... she cried. Towards the end of this deployment I was a little bitter with the Army. There were too many unknowns and frustrations for my liking. It helps when people say thank you - even though it is his job.