Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Gallery

I have been slowly working on updating the girls' room. One of the projects is an Art Gallery. Before I pain stakingly filled approximately 50 nails holes in their wall and painted, I used to frame their artwork and hang it all over the wall. After a while it got out of control. The frames were mismatched and the girls wanted to change the pictures. So, I came up with this idea for an Art Gallery.

No more holes in the wall, no more frames knocked off of the wall, and they can change the pictures as often as they like. It was simple.

Buy a piece of trim from the hardware store. They even cut it to the size you need.

Then I spray painted it black... then almond... then white... and then I finally decided on black.

Next, I cut some metal roof sheeting in half and glued it on with Liquid Nails. The metal had some sharp edges so after a quick trip to the hardware store for some 1/4 inch half round trim, a little more Liquid Nails, and the sharp edges were covered. Then I spray painted it black again. Note: the paint is already chipping off of the metal so if I were to make another one I would consider painting the metal with paint that is intended for metal or just leave it silver.

There are all kinds of cute magnets around but do you think I could have gone with the easy solution? Nope. Hobby Lobby had these adorable push pins that matched the colors of their bedspread and curtains. The sharp pointes were snipped off and magnets were glued onto the back. Did you know that magnets come in different strengths? They do. My girls often have heavy pieces of art so I used the super duper strong magnets.

Before I screwed it to the wall I put felt circles on the back so I wouldn't mess up my newly painted walls with paint transfer.

Lastly, I orded a vinyl "Art Gallery" sign and painted a sign I already had black. VIOLA! The girls have their very own art gallery to display their creative pieces that cost less than $20.