Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Let the race begin! This deployment has really messed up my OCD-ness. I know, the deployment is over but I am still recovering.
I normally have Christmas presents taken care of by now. I like to get everything purchased so when the holiday "really" comes a knockin' I can enjoy the baking, the decorating, and the events like Disney on Ice! In fact, I haven't started addressing Christmas cards. I don't have a picture of the girls picked out yet. Maybe I could send this one - it is only a few years old. No one would notice. Right?

What do I have ready so far... NOTHING.

I had the brilliant idea of sending all my family boxes of yummy Girl Scout cookies wrapped in beautiful bows. But wait... Girl Scout cookies don't go on sale until after Christmas. WHAT!?!?!

Now I have a serious problem. I am going to have to sit down and concentrate about what I can make (I like to make at least one small handmade gift for the family and family) or buy that is easily shipped and can be enjoyed by all. But maybe, if all my creative friends send me their ideas I won't have to try so hard to think. For some reason my critical thinking skills went down hill like an Olympic bobsledder after I had my kids. I need help.

So, what about dishtowels with a cute applique on them? Aprons? or is that too gender specific? Maybe I should have a crafting get together one day.

That's all I have so far. That is how my mind is working - it is either on the yellow light or the red light.


mycurlyhairdays said...

Hey! This is Becky Ruff! I just hopped over from Jamie's blog!
Oh, Christmas stuff! It is so busy. I am trying to get stuff done early so that I can enjoy the Spirit of the Season!
Hang in there! It will be a great Christmas this year! (0: