Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art Journal update

It has been a few months since I have done an art journal update.  I follow the blog A Year In The Life of an Art Journal, which provides prompts twice a month.  This year has been more challenging for me.  The style and approach is different - last year the prompts were based on songs but this year is seems to be more photo based.  I find myself doing less free drawing/painting and more collage/mixed media.  I love mixed media but it is a challenge to get my "thoughts" on the page.  I suppose that is the point of the prompts and why I make this journal a regular part of my art homework.

The Prompt:  word
The Stuff:  imagery
The Technique:  paint/doodle

The Prompt:  Imagine
The Stuff:  Pictures or words from magazines
The Technique:  mask/stencils

The Prompt:  My favorite things
The Stuff:  lists and ephemera
The technique:  pockets
The background is from a Valentine's Day picture Gene colored for me.

The Prompt:  childhood memories
The Stuff:  glimmer mist and paint
The Technique:  silhouettes

This was a just for fun page.  I had extra red and yellow paint and cleaned my brushes on the background so I wouldn't be wasting.  I really like the combination of textures with the paint, the chalk pastels, and vintage sheet music.

The Prompt:  These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things
The Stuff:  list favorite things
The Technique:  brown paper

 The Spring Tree is one of my favorite pictures.  It has special meaning because the prompt was Greta.  She brought home a sketch of a tree just starting to bud and asked me to incorporate it into my art journal.  The tree, branches, and bird are exactly as Greta made the picture - in fact, it is the picture.  I sewed material and painted directly on the picture and then adhered it to my art journal.

The Prompt:  everyday
The Stuff:  receipts, newspaper, headlines, clothing tags, photos of your day
The Technique:  journaling

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheap Labor and Reusable Sandwich Bags

I might stink as a nurse but I make an excellent task master!    I am completely taking advantage of my husband being home on convalescent leave while he recovers from surgery.  

I have been thinking about opening an ETSY store for so long.  Every time someone asks me if I have a webpage I have to sadly tell them no.  My mind is not business oriented.  I can design, sew, and paint until my fingers bleed but when I try to research how to figure out sales tax or how to get a business license all I hear is Charlie Brown's teacher. 

Luckily, I have a husband with an MBA and he is trapped at home for a month.  He is completely dependent on me to drive him places. (insert evil grin)  So, while he is enjoying his time at home, I am encouraging him to do my bidding by figuring out all the rules and regulations of having a legit business.  He claims that he will send me his bill.

While he does the dirty work I am in my sewing/art studio making reusable sandwich bags, totes, and other fun stuff (gotta respect the earth).  Here are some  samples...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Joy 2012

Easter 2012  was a blessing.  

We dyed eggs and no one knocked over a cup of egg dye.  I call that a successful egg dying experience.

 I think Gigi is begging me for one of my eggs.  No way!  I love dying Easter eggs and if I had the peace and quiet I could probably give Martha a run for her money.

 Gene had surgery on Good Friday and everything went fine but he was not feeling well enough to travel. Instead, we spent Easter afternoon with some fabulous military families.  It was perfect to walk across the street and share this important day with our friends. Isn't that how so many military families spend their holidays... with friends who feel like family?  We did miss church on Sunday because Gene was still on painkillers, nodding off at odd times, and we didn't want his arm to get bumped.  Anyhoo, isn't there some rule about not going to church while on drugs?  ha ha

The Easter egg hunt was very impressive.  Each family brought a couple dozen eggs so there was plenty for each child.  Sadly, Gigi ate almost all her chocolate before I got to raid her basket.

 Gigi and her buddy Max.  They play together everyday.

 Greta loves Izzie.  I can pretty much get Greta to do anything as long as I end the sentence with "Izzie does it."

Jesus' resurrection wasn't the only miracle.  The afternoon was so perfect that even sisters got along and shared some love.