Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Volleyball 2012

This year was the first time the girls have played on a volleyball team.  Getting the girls to their practices, games, and being an assistant coach was a bit hectic for me but being there to watch them grow was priceless. 

Greta has always wanted to play volleyball.  I think she was surprised at how difficult it can be - players on tv make it look effortless.  She learned a lot about the sport, worked hard, and paid close attention to the techniques.  Her goal is to continue to work on serving and hopefully she will have the fundamental down for her overhand serve by next year.


I have a confession... I pressured Gigi into playing volleyball.  I just wanted her to give it a try.  At first she was timid but her competitive side kicked in and she started practicing at home.  She wanted to be an important member of her team.  I am so proud of her... she started out not knowing how to serve or hit the ball but by the end of the season she had a strong overhand serve and was enjoying the sport.  She even suggested that she might play again next year.