Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art Journal

I follow an art journal blog, A Year In The Life of An Art Journal.  Twice a month they put out challenges with a prompt, song, and technique.  Some of them are easy - I may have been listening to the song before and thought about how it would transfer into an art journal page.  Others are a bit more challenging.

This first page was one of the challenging ones for me.  I was actually dragging my feet because I couldn't come up with any ideas that I liked... until Greta and I doodled "The Eyes Room" one day while waiting for an appointment.  I love Greta's sketches and thought it was perfect for this challenge.


The Prompt:  Eye Opener
The Song:  Why are we sleeping?
Technique:  Eyes


This page was one that I had imagined months ago when I first heard the song "Jar of Hearts."  I used blue tissue paper to get the color and depth of the mason jar.
Song:  Jar of Hearts 
Technique:  Tearing

Greta and I had a great evening bonding over the creation of our art journal pages.  Like most eight year old girls, she is crazy about peace signs, so naturally, we both did this page.

Prompt: Peace
Song:  I Believe In Music by Mac Davis


I find it fascinating that Greta picked this part of the lyrics to add to her page.  I think I will start saying that to Greta and Gigi when they are bickering!