Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Totes and Bags

I haven't been able to sew since July.  My simple old Singer died right before we moved and couldn't be repaired.  I thought I would go big and bought a fancy schmancy Viking that had every stitch available. By the time all the layers are together, this stuff is as durable as leather and as difficult to sew through.  My new fancy schmancy machine said "no can do" when I tried to sew a re-usable sandwich bag.


I came to my senses and bought a new machine with a giant motor and zero computerized parts.  It sews wonderfully!  Look at what's going to Ms. Effie's Summer Kitchen.

 I love the silvery blue of this tote bag and polka dots are always fun.  These bags hold library books, groceries, or anything you need to carry.  I regularly use mine for groceries and tell the cashiers to fill it to the top.  If I can lift it the bag can hold it.

A new stack of re-usable sandwich bags.  They are the same size of a traditional zip closure sandwich bag and lined with a food safe material.  We use them everyday in the girls' lunch then wipe them out or put them in the wash when they get dirty.  The kids enjoy the patterns and I feel great knowing that we are being kind to the earth.


Miss Effie said...

I am sooooo excited!!!

Can't wait!

myomyohi said...

I'm loving these reusable sandwich bags. Great idea!