Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frogtober Fest - Fun times at Ft. Leonard Wood.

 You gotta love small town ingenuity.  There is a rock outcropping on the way to downtown Waynesville that is painted like a frog.  There are even frog crossing signs on the highway.  I can only imagine that The Waynesville Frogtober Fest was a "spawn" of the frog rock.  It was a couple of hours well spent enjoying the fall weather, the collection of local booths of odds and ends crafts, and the food stands. 

Gigi loves frog legs.  Gross, I know.  You can see the excitement on her face when she ordered her plate of frog legs.  I heard someone say they taste like a cross between fish and chicken.  I'll take her word for it.

I had to sneak this picture.  I adore this guy for sporting his farmer bibs and feathers.

Gene and I shared a smoked turkey leg.  It was yummy.  Not to worry, I didn't man handle it like Gene.  I picked at it like the dainty lady that I am.

Gigi and her "really Mom, another picture" look.  Beautiful

You don't see a cat walking through a fair on a leash everyday, do ya'?

Here is that same kitty greeting the "Are You My Mama?" Lama.  The cat owner told her cat to sit and stay.  Wow!  I over heard her telling someone that she was told as a joke that she couldn't train her cat to walk on a leash.  She said that six months later she had six or seven cats walking on leashes.  Her secret was "put a leash on a cat and walk in whatever direction it wants to go."  Genius!

Greta is lovin' the day.

Amazing!  A picture of me.  Gosh, I love those two kids.

This pic is for my friend Jamie.  She and one of her girls love owls.  These would be so easy to make.  I wish I could walk next door and make some with her.