Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The bedroom dilema - to decorate or not to decorate

About once a year I scheme about how I am finally going to decorate  our bedroom.  Gene and I have been married for 18 years and the bedroom is still a miss match collection of stuff.  Oh sure, I get an inspiration and window shop like crazy for a while but I never settle on anything.  We do have a Steve Hanks watercolor print, which I love, that Gene gave me many moons ago. I pull colors from it when I get the itch to re-decorate. 

I think the bedspread is the cornerstone of the bedroom foundation.  I just can't decide what works for both of us.    I am drawn to the white fluffy "clouds", that is what we call our down comforter, and the light blues and greens from our Steve Hanks picture.  I especially love a large geometric floral print.  Gene likes the dark rich colors.  When I think of a bedroom, I think of rest and relaxation and Gene thinks... well, uhhmm how to I say it, of other things. 

I know part of my issue is that I am thrifty.  I only want natural fibers on a polyester budget.  Then I run across pictures like these on a blog (I would totally give the blog credit if I could remember the name)and the desire begins again and then I give up.  So we have the same old down comforter and light green fuzzy blanket, which probably came from Wally World, that we have had for a couple of years. It is comfortable and warm and works for now. 


myomyohi said...

I'm loving these rooms, and having the same bedroom issues. I can't seem to commit to any one idea, and anything I do has to be cheap and creative. I'm not sure I have a decorating gene in me...