Sunday, June 19, 2011

Losing My Mind

The stress of moving is great. It is a big jumble of messes, necessities, confusion, and ups and downs... all in the course of a day. In the middle of all this daily life continues. Swim lessons continue. Softball games continue. Dirty laundry continues. But most importantly, I continue.

I continue to try to give my girls something fun to do every day of summer break. We continue to have play dates with those friends we will miss dearly. We eat a little bit more ice cream than we normally would. Some days Gene and I forget to touch base and schedules get messed up but for the most part we are patient with each other.

I continue to feel a little bit more anxiety each day... I can't tolerate any additional outside stress from the normal so I try to protect myself and my family. The girls are feeling the stress also... they say things that they normally wouldn't say and they wear their feelings on their sleeves. They are incredibly sensitive right now. While they are in such a vulnerable state, I am trying to be more patient and pulling the girls in close so they can avoid some of the hurts that may come their way. I am holding their hand in new or difficult situations. We are talking about the unknown and what to expect. I don't have a lot of answers for their questions. What will their new school be like? What sports will they play? Where will Gigi take piano lessons? Will they get their own rooms... for the first time?

How am I staying sane? Some may question me using the term "sane." Gene and I are going to softball games and CHEERING for Gigi and watching Greta play with her softball friends. Greta has this knack for making new friends at Gigi's games. I am working daily on getting ready for the move by sorting through all of our belongings. There is something cleansing for the soul in the act of simplifying your life. One of my favorite things to do to relax is to lose myself in a book. I am reading The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey which is a story of an elderly man who is losing his mind but finding love from his family. Ptolemy's story inspired this post. There are a lot of things to learn from books.