Saturday, July 16, 2011

Iowa State Fastpitch

Deciding to let Gigi go a step further in softball was a tough decision for us... we didn't know what to expect if Gigi played Little League and was on a traveling tournament team. We did know that it would be a time commitment. I will say that it has been time well spent. Not once has Gigi complained about the amount of time involved in practice or games... and I haven't minded being a chauffeur or adapting our schedule.
Gigi worked really hard this season in practice, during games, and practicing at home even on days when she had a regular team practice scheduled. Her dedication was rewarded. She was chosen to play on the Davenport East Little League Minors All Stars Team in the Iowa State Tournament in Huxley, IA, which is about 3 hours away from home. Several of the players have been driving back and forth for every game (there is a total of five games - one every evening). We have done a mix of traveling and stayed the night for a few nights. Her coaches are amazing and so dedicated. They have their regular jobs and then drive to the tournament games. That is love for the game and for the girls.
The games are so EXCITING. The first game was a little overwhelming. The girls played a team that was beyond skilled. They came back strong the next day and lost by only one run in extra innings. The next game was also lost by one run. But their hard work was rewarded today with a well deserved win - by one run! Those are nail biter games for all involved. I am so proud of this group of girls, especially considering the tournament is the first time they have played together as a team and the teams they are playing against have been well established. Way to go girls!