Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring Trip to Ms. Effie's

I love Ms Effie's!
There are new re-usable sandwich bags and fun summer totes in the Summer Kitchen for sale. I should have taken some pictures of them to show you but I was lucky to remember my camera to take some springtime pics of Ms. Effie's and the girls.
The flowers aren't blooming just yet but the kitties are adorable. If Greta has any say in it, this little bundle of love will be known as Lulu.
I don't remember if the little beauty is Fuzzy or Wuzzy but I know that we were the lucky ones to name him.

"Pretty Eggs from Pretty Chickens" It is reassuring to know where my eggs come from. Plus, farm fresh eggs are delicious.
This is the way the girls like it.... watching other people work!