Friday, February 25, 2011

Mixed Media Picture - The Journey

I don't love it but I do really like it. Can I hang a "really like it" picture in my house? Gene and the girls say yes... they love that is has color. But I am the one who will look it at every single day and think about what I could have done different... or will do different next time...

I like the parts of the picture better than the whole picture. It's the detail that has me hooked. I really enjoyed adding all the little details that you only see when you look very closely. My biggest bother with this one is that there is so much going on that my eye doesn't know where to focus and rest. Hmmm, opinions?

The joy for me is usually not the outcome but the process of learning how to do something new... note that I said "new" and not learning to do something "well".

Mixed Media with: scrap booking paper, paint, rub-ons, and sharpie details.